About Virginia

About Virginia

Showing someone how to do a better job with her dating profile.

Hi! I’m Virginia. I’m currently a Program Manager at Microsoft in the Greater Seattle area, but I’m relocating to London in early 2019 and excited to find a new opportunity there.

Previously, I founded my own business as an online dating coach over at The Heartographer. I also did some freelance writing and social media marketing, and various other things you can check out here. I’ve been interviewed or featured in ELLE and Hallmark magazines, and The Stranger and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspapers. My humor posts have been voted into Best-Of Craigslist several times.

When I’m not focused on program management, I write about technology, love, life, linguistics, design, décor, fashion, food, advice, makeup, hair and skin care, video games, plants, and more.

Since the internet is simply filled with ways to track people down, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. If you just want to say hello, I recommend using Twitter. If you want to actually hire me, use email. Or just noodle around my sites until you find a phone number, and give me a call.