Virginia Elizabeth Roberts
London N2


The intersection of technology and people is where I’m happiest!

I’m the sort of person who ends up in a leadership role no matter what my job title is.

I fix problems and bring teams together by nature with minimal guidance—whether that’s establishing a style guide so we all use the same code to pamper an ageing operating system, building a framework to better capture and address customer frustrations about a product, fixing a batch script that everyone hates to tinker with, or communicating and collaborating across departments (and time zones) to put out a high-profile fire before it goes public.

I speak several languages. I’m always learning new technologies and approaches to working. I adapt to changing needs on the fly without getting flustered. I’m best leveraged when I’m empowered to sink my teeth into interesting challenges. If you’re not having me speak or write, you’re wasting some of my best talents.

In a nutshell, I make things work beautifully while delighting customers and coworkers alike.


People 👥

Communications, training, coaching, program management, leadership, development, marketing, customer relationships, community, writing, and social media

Azure Technical Trainer, London, UK (July 2020-Present)
Educating Microsoft customers on Azure technologies

• Delivering Azure role-based certification courses to Microsoft customers
• Improving Azure Technical Training program operations with feedback, internal learning sessions, and process and tool improvement

Maternity/family leave (April 2019-July 2020)
I moved our family internationally, built up a local community, gestated and birthed another child, and cared for both kids during a pandemic, during which I also found a new job. Go me!

Program Manager II, Microsoft, Redmond, WA (August 2017-April 2019)
Bridging the gap between customer feedback and engineering teams to ensure a customer-obsessed final product and a happy Azure customer community; supporting competitive intelligence initiatives to drive improvements in Azure offerings

• Guiding engineering cohorts to use customer-obsessed methodology in planning Azure offerings and communicating with customers
• Managing sensitive disclosures of Microsoft product roadmaps, features, private previews, and other news with a focus on Data Platform offerings
• Developing competitive intelligence communications and surveying to ensure maximum impact to Azure engineering stakeholders

Public speaker (October 2012-Present)
I’m one of the most natural public speakers you’ll ever meet. I excel at captivating an audience and delivering information in an entertaining and memorable fashion. Selected recordings are available here.

I’m happy to develop my own subject matter or work with conferences and organizations to speak on a requested topic. When choosing my own subject matter, I enjoy speaking about the impact technology has on our culture, from online dating to personal branding to notification overload to work-life balance and beyond.

My non-Microsoft speaking topics will not include Microsoft technologies.

Program Manager, Microsoft, Redmond, WA (November 2015-August 2017)
Amplifying customer feedback to engineering teams in order to improve Windows Server, System Center, and related products; managing and developing customer communities; executing successful cross-department Azure Stack customer events that increased Azure consumption

Azure Stack:
  • Orchestrating complex international customer engagements across many departments
  • Gathering customer architecture details and technical requirements to ensure their Microsoft engineering engagements are successful and increase their Azure consumption
  • Improving tools and processes to ensure our programs are run effectively, allowing teammates to focus on increasing customers’ Azure consumption and satisfaction
  • Ensuring smooth communication and process management across engineering, marketing, sales, support, and beyond, in order to meet deadlines, plan events, discreetly manage confidential information, influence leadership, and put out fires as needed
Windows Server and System Center 2016:
  • Guided engineering in customer-obsessed methodology to better develop product features
  • Nurtured communications with 10,000+ external customers via written, verbal, and video communications;
  • Worked cross-functionally across engineering, marketing, and legal teams to ensure that customer programs are run effectively with excellent systems in place for success
  • Managed ongoing community efforts post-release to maximize the value of our engaged customer base

Camp MC and Co-Organizer, App Camp for Girls, Seattle, WA (2014-Present)
Organizing workshops and logistics during a week-long camp for girls interested in tech; MC for presentations, discussions, warm-ups, etc.

  • Collaborating, delegating, planning, and problem-solving with other camp organizers to produce multiple successful camps
  • Jointly overseeing all aspects of Seattle camp with enthusiastic participation, feedback, referrals, and repeat attendance
  • Assisting with fundraising efforts online and in person to meet six-figure goals and further develop camp infrastructure
  • Sourcing and managing volunteer mock VC panelists from Seattle’s tech elite to judge campers’ final presentations
  • Maintaining a highly flexible yet effective presence to deal with many unexpected issues that come up surrounding camps
  • Leading all aspects of camp that involve a loud booming voice or speaking into a microphone, ranging from camp games to investor panel moderation
  • Social media and communications to publicize camp and cater to our target audience while adhering to tight brand and legal guidelines

CEO/Founder The Heartographer, online dating coaching, Self-employed (September 2007–Present)
Helping customers navigate online dating to find lasting relationships; managing all aspects of a successful business!

  • Growing a side/hobby business into a profitable full-time venture with a self-sustaining word of mouth referral pool
  • Developing a global media presence as an expert in online dating; established Steady, a dating advice podcast on the high-profile 5by5 media network
  • Managing client communications and relationships; leveraging exceptional intuition and customer empathy; technical and emotional support
  • Marketing galore: blogging, email newsletter campaigns, social media, YouTube, and strategic grassroots outreach that vastly outperformed all paid ad campaigns
  • Keeping current with industry news, product advances, InfoSec, relationship psychology, and related resources to augment online dating advice
  • Consulting with dating industry startups to improve UX/UI design, technology, security, marketing, and business viability
  • Bookkeeping, budgeting/planning, strategic partnerships, business development, legal research, graphic design, [insert small business problem here] :)

Freelance writing, editing, and marketing consulting (October 2007—Present)

  • Communications projects ranging from highly technical articles to light-hearted lifestyle blog posts
  • Marketing, social media, branding consulting, business strategy, editing, and web development (mostly WordPress)
  • Speaking to small business on how to optimize their brand and online presence

Communications PMO, Microsoft (via Murphy & Associates), Issaquah, WA (April 2014–January 2015)
Managed internal communications and strategy/planning for a fast-paced IT team

  • Researched, wrote, and edited internal communications from highly technical announcements to human interest stories
  • Oversaw new hire onboarding and training documentation; gathered feedback to improve new hire cohesion
  • Collaborated with cross-departmental stakeholders to meet business goals and hit tight publication deadlines
  • Established and maintained style guides, glossaries, and visual asset repositories to improve team communications

Organized Play Manager, Devir US, LLC, Seattle, WA (June 2006–February 2007)

Managed organized play across all of Latin American for all sorts of geeky games

  • Maintained close relationships with tournament organizers, buyers, distributors, and judges in order to ensure happy tournament experiences across Latin America
  • Marketed and sold hobby shop products (collectible miniatures, trading card games, board games, and more) in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Managed complex legal, financial, supply chain, distribution, and operational issues on a tight timeline and across multiple cultures and business needs

Legal Assistant, Wechsler Becker LLP, Seattle, WA (February 2004–June 2006)

Juggled far too many things for a very busy and fabulous senior family law partner

  • Drafted and maintained legal correspondence and cour documents, including complex property division calculations
  • Developed and maintained excellent relationships with judicial and legal colleagues as well as demanding client base
  • Sought increased responsibility by overseeing various event planning, book editing, HR, media, web development, IT, and other projects whenever possible

Technology 🌐

Software testing, computational linguistics, localization, web development, debugging, user experience, natural language processing

Freelance writing, editing, and marketing consulting (October 2007—Present)

  • Linguistic, functionality, and usability testing for various software applications, websites, technical documents, and games

Kindle Content Quality Specialist, Amazon, Seattle, WA (July 2011–December 2012)

Improved Kindle content and devices for readers all over the globe in several languages

  • Developed new systems to streamline QA communication with major publishers; identified areas for process improvement based on publisher and customer feedback
  • Collaborated across local and global organizations to ensure numerous smooth high-visibility launches of Kindle features, languages, devices, and publishers on tight timelines
  • Trained and leveraged QA, web development, and customer services teams across many languages, cultures, and time zones to improve overall customer service base
  • Established improved global linguistic testing processes; oversaw error reporting and bug fixing (HTML, CSS, and some scripting/automation) to quickly resolve issues in high-profile ebooks

French Linguistic QA Specialist, NCsoft West, Seattle, WA (May 2010–July 2011)

Oversaw the French language customer experience in Aion and other NCsoft products

  • Overseeing superior quality French game play; assistance with trilingual (EN/FR/ES) marketing, community, and technical documentation
  • Translation, localization, and programming to solve computational linguistics issues and manage my team’s multiple complex software installations
  • Managed and trained overseas and local linguistic testers to oversee a smooth QA process for game updates
  • Collaborated across departments to ensure cohesion between community, test, localization, and development
  • Monitored player input as well as Korean developer communication to find, report, and fix software issues

Trilingual Product Tester, Nintendo of America, Redmond, WA (August 2008–April 2010)

Made games and e-commerce fantastic on Nintendo consoles in many languages

  • Testing, reproducing and documenting various software bugs and problems with game submissions; training linguistic and functional testers
  • Proofreading, editing, localizing, and creating new text in multiple languages on tight deadlines
  • Cross-departmental collaboration refining guidelines to advocate for improved global customer experience

Linguistic Software Tester, Microsoft, Redmond, WA (February–September 2007)

Improved Catalan linguistic proofing tools for Microsoft Office products (Word and Excel)

  • Identifying, analyzing, reporting, and repairing software bugs; designing and implementing test sets
  • Collaborating with developers, Catalan government, and Catalan community to integrate customer feedback
  • Developing and refining custom software tools for linguistic applications in collaboration with tools developers

Volunteering 💟

Jumping in and helping on causes and projects where my leadership, expertise, and enthusiasm make a big impact.

Volunteer, WordCamp, Seattle, WA (2014-2015)
Assisting speakers, organizers, and attendees of an annual WordPress conference

  • Answering attendee questions and providing directions; supporting conference goals and codes
  • Timekeeping for speakers during presentations; facilitating Q&A; coordinating with presentation A/V
  • Providing feedback on conference experience; cleaning up; jumping in wherever help is needed

Volunteer producer, The Roderick Group, Seattle, WA (2014)
Helping market and produce weekly live shows; web and A/V technical support

  • Live event production (from guest relations to schlepping furniture)
  • Web and A/V production and technical support
  • Ticket sales, payment processing, customer relationship management
  • Marketing and brand strategy

Volunteer, Fulcrum Community Communications, Seattle, WA (2014-2015)
Raising support for a Ballard community low-frequency radio station

  • MC for fundraising events; scheduling and producing talent
  • Web development, business administration, finances, and IT support as needed
  • Marketing, social media, and grassroots communications

Volunteer, Alumnae Association, Bryn Mawr College (2010-Present)
Interviewing potential students; fundraising; web development for class of 2003

  • Interviewing potential students for admissions department to assess academic prowess, career goals, and personality/culture fit
  • Fundraising and planning/production/hosting for class reunions and local chapter events
  • Web development, social media, and special alumnae projects


B.A. 2003 in Linguistics from Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA; degree coursework primarily at Swarthmore College; 4.0 senior thesis on Romance linguistics; minor in Spanish

  • Native: English, iOS
  • Fluent: Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Microsoft Office, PC/Mac, video games, any CMS you put in front of me. I’ve never met software I couldn’t pick up quickly.
  • Proficient: Italian, Latin, HTML, CSS
  • Learning: German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, JavaScript, Swift, Creative Suite.

References and samples are available upon request; some recommendations available via LinkedIn.