???Boys don???t like funny girls.???

Seriously, that was a quote from the Gilmore Girls pilot episode that I watched last night.?? Damn you, roommate???s little sister and your amazing DVD collection!?? Just kidding, I???m actually really excited about it.?? So yeah, maybe that???s my problem ??? I???m too FUNNY.?? I mean, I do think guys are sometimes a bit frightened off by me, but I???ve always chalked that up to them not being used to girls who exhibit any kind of self-confidence or what have you.?? But maybe it???s more than that ??? maybe it???s just that I???m FUNNY and BOYS DON???T LIKE THAT.?? I bet that???s it.?? From now on, I???m going to work on being not at all funny, so boys will like me.?? Starting right now.?? Here I go!

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