???You???d make an awesome terrorist???

Last night I went a-drinkin with some random boys, one of whom I’d actually met and was trying to possibly nudge me in a better direction professionally, so we were all kind of bullshitting and chitchatting about the ideal job yada yada and somehow the conversation turned to security profiling at border crossings and airports and such and I whined about how I often get stopped and bugged even though I don’t think I much look like a terrorist, and I forget how but I kid you not, somehow that got turned into a group consensus that I would make an “awesome terrorist”.?? Greeeeeaaaat.?? That’s like when our clients here at the firm tell me I’d be a great lawyer… it’s not really something I take as a compliment, haha.?? Not that there’s anything wrong with lawyers (though there IS something wrong with terrorists; let’s be clear here) but it’s just not something I’ve ever wanted to do.?? NOR IS TERRORISM since I’m sure this triggered the Government’s Echelon intercept program to start stalking me.?? Allow me to reiterate:?? not a terrorist.?? Not interested in terrorism.?? Drunken meaningless jokes only.?? No need to raid my house.?? Okay, that should cover it.

So, on a completely different subject, apparently the comments function DOES work for some! But not others! Why??? Can I please as of you, imaginary readers, to try posting comments just to see if they work??? If you want to REALLY be the holly decking my halls, try leaving them with different functions like one anonymous and one not, just to see if that’s the trick.?? Much appreciated.

Back to work, more later!??

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