Here is a quote from My Funniest Friend, in response to my blog:

“Ok, first of all, congratufrickinglations on having one of the most active blogs on blogtastic! . . . I feel the need to say that you have inspired me, and that I too would like to do a blog. So how do you do it? I mean, do you type something up every day? What a great idea!”

She is one funny cat, that Jenn (two n’s). So I told her I’d teach her.

Stop… absorb… think… good. Now. Raise your right hand if you think that’s a good idea, me teaching her (or anyone for that matter) to do something computer-related, since I’m clearly such a WEATH OF FRICKIN KNOWLEDGE ON THE SUBJECT. (See below). Now smack yourself in the face with that hand for being so silly.

WHY is there no UNIVERSAL FIX-IT-ALL BLOG TUTORIAL!!!??? It’s probably just one more thing to add to the list of Things The Most Amazing Superhero Boyfriend Would Be Able To Do – right along with keeping food from getting moldy in the fridge, getting things off the high shelves that even *I* can’t reach (come on, he’d be taller than me, silly), fixing my car so it’d never need maintenance again, magically granting me perfect hair days times infinity, and being able to pick me up and swing me around like a lasso because I miss being a little kid when people could do that stuff to you. HEY I just realized that list would probably make a GREAT frickin SIDEBAR EDITOR CATEGORY, now wouldn’t it? @)(#$&*@*&(%. That is all.

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