Aaah, blissful neglect…

So I have again been delinquent. But it’s because I turned A QUARTER OF A CENTURY! Yep, this year not only did I have an official party, which I haven’t done since middle school, I think, but I also had a Mom visiting for the weekend, a Dad to juggle, a job interview and a concurrent writing assignment to prove my worth, and so much more! Yeah, it’s been busy. But hey, if all goes well, here’s what I might have to show from last week:

1) New hair (the cut is cute, I’m told).

2) New job (turns out a woman at my bus stop works for the place I’m interviewing at, and she only had good things to say, woohoo!)

3) New age bracket (you know, on those surveys, I move up from the “18-24” to the “25-34” category. Woo! Progress!)

4) New bike! Yep, my parents chipped in and got me an awesome bike and lotsa gear. I am “tricked out”, as the kids say these days. Now I just have to learn how to RIDE it non not-flat turf – I kind of missed the part of childhood where you learn about the whole “gears on a bike” thing. Anyone wanna teach me?

5) New waistline. I got a gift card to Specialty’s AND one to Starbucks for my birthday. Damn you, diet foilers! No, but seriously, with all the jogging and biking and swimming I’m hoping it balances out. But I still can’t fit back into my favorite pants – as anyone who knows me knows, they are the true reason for any sort of “diet” in the first place. I miss you, pants!

Aaaaanyway…. so I’m back. Still a bit busy, and I have a THIRD interview on Friday – the way I see it, they MUST like me if they make me do two interviews and a writing test… but then again, Bank of America brought me back for SIX interviews one time before going with someone internal. And now I work ten floors below the guy that interviewed me and I run into him all the time in my building and I think he gets nervous because he can tell he knows me from somewhere but he can’t recall where, and I secretly sort of like to watch him squirm over it because I always smile and wave a little friendly hi. Except it’s not that secret anymore, because I just put it in my blog.

Also, quick blogpoll: I just got a T-shirt that (aside from being a cute color and fit) says “Another Damn T-Shirt” on the front. Is that a) funny, b) offensive, or c) just lame?

Oh and that reminds me, I have incriminating photos of Ann’s daughter and my mom wearing “Happy F*cking Birthday” party hats from my fiesta. Yep, I made that happen, I sure did. What? I’m the birthday girl!

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  1. hey, welcome to my age bracket. atleast i’ll be there for a couple more years. AND if you happen to need someone to share the Starbucks card with (never drink alone) I’m your girl.

    PS want to go jogging soon? i’m soooooooooo out of shape.

    PPS good luck on that 3rd interview. whoo-hoo!

    PPPS IMHO the tshirt is 80% funny and 20% lame. Definately more funny than lame.

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