Base 16. Totally intuitive, right?

[16:38] ginnielizz: What was the formula again for darkening an HTML color code?
[16:38] ginnielizz: For example, say I want to make 303030 darker
[16:38] Hasukawa: 202020
[16:38] Hasukawa: I’m going to explain it now. Pedantic boyfriend.
[16:38] ginnielizz: Thank you. I meant to get it explained earlier.
[16:38] Hasukawa: The six digits define the red, green, and blue values, in that order.
[16:39] Hasukawa: The first two digits are red, the second two are green, and the last two are blue.
[16:39] Hasukawa: Each two-digit combination is in hexadecimal, or base-16.
[16:39] Hasukawa: Which means instead of each digit going from 0 through 9, each digit goes from 0 through 9, all the way through F.
[16:39] Hasukawa: So 00 is two zeroes, which is 0. FF is two sixteens, which is 256.
[16:40] Hasukawa: 80 is (8 x 16) + (0 x 16)
[16:40] Hasukawa: Which is 128.
[16:41] Hasukawa: Wait, hmm. Maybe I explained that wrong.
[16:41] ginnielizz: Wow. So… who the hell decided to use BASE SIXTEEN for this? I’m just curious.
[16:41] ginnielizz: Because, you know, what the fuck.
[16:41] Hasukawa: Good question. :)
[16:41] ginnielizz: I like base ten. It’s friendly. It’s zero-tastic.
[16:41] ginnielizz: It’s mathalicious.
[16:41] ginnielizz: It is SANE.
[16:41] Hasukawa: So 303030 is the equivalent of “48 red 48 green 48 blue”
[16:41] Hasukawa: Meaning that all three hues are equal, which makes it grey.
[16:41] ginnielizz: Because 3×16=48
[16:41] ginnielizz: Aha.
[16:42] Hasukawa: If you change it to 803030, the red value is now 128, while the green and blue are still 48. Which means it’ll be pinkeh.
[16:42] ginnielizz: See, my way was going to be visiting and plugging in random numbers until things were pretty.
[16:42] ginnielizz: It’s what us ex-software-testers do.
[16:42] Hasukawa: You could do that, too. I’m just trying to explain the math behind it.
[16:42] ginnielizz: Right, I appreciate that.
[16:42] Hasukawa: And why changing 808080 to 303030 makes it darker.
[16:42] ginnielizz: Gotcha.
[16:42] ginnielizz: That makes sense, sort of.
[16:42] ginnielizz: Given that I haven’t balanced a checkbook in like six years, this should be fun.
[16:43] Hasukawa: Hang on, I’m wrong.
[16:43] ginnielizz: Hehe, good.
[16:43] ginnielizz: Because it only sort of made sense.
[16:43] Hasukawa: The first digit is the “tens” digit, essentially.
[16:43] Hasukawa: The second digit is the “ones” digit.
[16:43] ginnielizz: Or the “sixteens”.
[16:43] Hasukawa: Yeah, exactly.
[16:43] Hasukawa: So where 84 in base ten is (8 x 10) + (4 x 1), 84 in base 16 is (8 x 16) + (4 x 1)
[16:43] ginnielizz: My new life goal is to reform this system before I turn 30. What do you think?
[16:43] Hasukawa: hahaha
[16:43] ginnielizz: Pretty accomplishable?
[16:43] ginnielizz: I think so.
[16:44] ginnielizz: That, and start my own business. Aside from the business of reforming the inane base-sixteen color system.
[16:44] Hasukawa: Well, HTML also accepts things like “font color = red”, I think. I just don’t know where that stuff is defined.
[16:44] Hasukawa: W3C standards, I guess.
[16:44] Hasukawa: hahaha… “BLANCHEDALMOND”
[16:44] Hasukawa: BLANCHED
[16:44] Hasukawa: ALMOND
[16:44] Hasukawa: BITCH
[16:44] ginnielizz: Fuck W3C.
[16:44] ginnielizz: You heard me.
[16:44] ginnielizz: Because it doesn’t accept “slightly bluish turquoise, only darker”
[16:44] ginnielizz: I tried.
[16:44] ginnielizz: You’re a base-sixteen pedantic color whore.
[16:44] ginnielizz: I love you.
[16:45] ginnielizz: Seeya tonight.
[16:45] Hasukawa: Yes, ma’am.
[16:45] ginnielizz: I’m blogging this.
[16:45] Hasukawa: Leave out the part where I totally fucked up the math.
[16:45] ginnielizz: No, it’s funnier that way.
[16:45] Hasukawa: Or leave it in, and also leave in the part where I say “leave out the part where I totally fucked up the math”
[16:46] ginnielizz: Right-o.

[17:20] ginnielizz: Okay, so I’m happy to know how it works and all, but that website I sent you is SO much easier! I just push the buttons for plus or minus R, G or B and it shows you visually what the color becomes.
[17:20] Hasukawa: I wasn’t trying to make things easier for you, I was trying to complicate it further in your head by botching the explanation of the math behind hexadecimal code.
[17:21] ginnielizz: I know, haha. You succeeded.
[17:21] ginnielizz: Well done.

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