Blogs: “Bad News Made Easy”

Yeah, so I didn’t get the job… I’m pretty darn disappointed at the moment, though supremely confident that it will pass eventually. In the meantime… yep, still disappointed. But they basically told me that what I lacked, and what the other candidate possessed, was “experience writing about really arcane industries” – so that’s not exactly a stinging blow, haha. And I can only believe I was not meant to get it… but I’m still seriously bummed as it was a really cool group of people, and still seemed like a fun job, and a great way to get said arcane industry experience; I’m also still panicked about getting out of here and having the timing work out well enough; and I’m seriously burnt out at dealing with all the frustrations of my current job – so I’m not altogether sure what my next step will be.

Wait, yes I am – I’m taking a vacation next week and just hanging out and job hunting, so hopefully that’ll help clear my head and cause me to somehow magically stumble upon my perfect dream job and have time to interview for it without wiggling out from under my boss’ thumb. In between the two, does anyone want to go climb a mountain with me? Any day but Wednesday is good for me.


  1. I am so sorry you did not get the job. And all the trite sayings in the world are just junk! But i Love the thought that instead of dwelling on it, you want to go climb a mountain and lift yourself up. Now to are the most inspiring person by doing this. Bravo! Have fun on your vacation.

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