busy day, no time to blog, magic pen

Hey y’all imaginary reader folks, sorry I haven’t had time to be funny or even remotely witty, but the shit’s goin down at the firm (aka we’re starting trial Monday, whee). Anyway, a quick anecdote: So my first-year law student roommate just went to some function or other at one of the big firms, and they gave her free pens, and she saved one for me because she knows I’ve been truly obsessed with this one particular pen for years: it’s a highlighter that has POST-IT TAPE FLAGS! INSIDE the pen! Amazing. It even has a little cover I can pull over to protect my beautiful beautiful tape flags from the elements, bandits, pirates, etc. It’s the most amazing pen ever. And I’ve never bought one because when I really needed this pen was while I was writing my thesis, but I never bought one because I didn’t want to have to pay for it when clearly it would no longer serve any purpose until I was once again a nerdy student, and so I was holding off until I went to grad school, but it looks like that won’t be a while now, so again there’s even less justification for actually spending my hard-earned money on such a pen, but now Perkins Coie gives my roommate one for FREE!??? Okay, it’s sick, but I have an unhealthy obsession with free pens. I love this pen. Yes, I’m going to marry this pen. That’s legal in Vermont now, right?


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