Bye bye, blue devil!

So I wasn’t kidding back when I requested help in finding a free new car. Something questionable happened last night. I started up the Blue Devil in (luckily) dry weather, but there were some lingering raindrops from earlier, so I turn on the wipers… and nothing happened. Tested all (okay, both) speed settings: nada. Tried squirting that cleaner stuff on them since it usually automatically swipes a couple times when I do that. Nada, and now I had Windshield Jizz[1] all over my field of vision. Nice. So, at a long light, I turn off my car and restart it. Now they work. So that???s all fine and good, but what happens when the same deal goes down, only next time it???s the BRAKES???

So, here’s the excerpt of my prior request:

“…does anyone know how one could get a brand-new car that???s sponsored by a company and thus painted with said company???s logo but get permission to drive the ad-mobile without having to work for said company, at least in a full-time capacity? ???Cause I remember reading about people who did that in some magazine when I was a kid, and I wish I had clipped the article because it told you exactly where to go for the resources to do that sort of thing, but this was before my clipping days (and probably also my driving days) but man oh man if I could go back in time I???d clip that article. Any ideas? Thanks in advance from me and the Geo Spectrum!”

I’m not kidding. Let me know. I can totally see myself in a Google-mobile…

[1] My high school boyfriend used to squirt that stuff onto the windshield of his car when I was riding shotgun and just let it sit there because he knew it bugged the crap out of me. Thanks Matt, you always were a peach ??? remind me again why we haven???t stayed in touch?

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