Capitol Hill rules.

On my way back from scoring a sweet street parking spot, I saw an awesome-looking antique table sitting on the corner by the dumpster. Grant and I have been in the market for a table that could serve as a desk for quite some time now, and this baby seemed perfect for the job. And the price is right!

But Grant was at work, and I couldn’t drag the thing home by myself. (My spot wasn’t THAT sweet, I admit.) And along came Cool Pierced And Tattooed Friendly-Looking Neighbor Guy out of the apartment complex next to ours.

So I grinned, asked if he was in a hurry, and when he said no, I proposed that he give me a hand hijacking said table in exchange for whatever cash was in my wallet at the time. ($10, turns out.) He gladly agreed, and we chatted pleasantly the whole while as we headed back to my place so I could drop off my groceries to free my hands.

Turns out not only are we neighbors, but we frequent the same Irish pub around the corner. AND he said he’d gladly give me a job at the Dick’s where he’s a manager, if I needed one. Gotta love it. Aaron (that’s his name) and I got along swimmingly, and we figured we’d take our boyfriends out for a joint double-date someday. This and many other niceties as we strolled back to Table Ground Zero.

But THEN, when we came upon the Free Table of Glory and started hauling it away, a trio of equally cool-vibed pierced and tattooed folks exited the building and yelled, “Hey, come back with our table!” Turns out they were kidding, but they really were the original owners of the thing (which had one busted leg, hence the abandonment). One gal said she loved it and it was an antique that had been in her family for years, and we chatted and I told her that it was going to a good home. And plus, since it’s nearly my birthday, I said it could be a birthday present.

And now Aaron and his gang might stop by my party, I have an adorable new desk for the fabulous price of free, I finally know a few more of my neighbors besides the crotchety/mean ones, and I didn’t even have to give up my swell parking spot in the process. I friggin’ love this neighborhood.

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