chez le chat noir

So my roomie and I are at the Black Cat Cafe, which is sooooo nice and across the streetish from the crowded and difficult Cafe Zoka where there’s never any room which is sad because they have delicious sandwiches and a warm fireplace but it has its flaws, namely one can never find space, and their wifi is questionable, and it took me like a month to figure out that their tea bags were open on one end so you will get little bits of leaves floating in your tea should you decide to wholly submerge and then agitate the bag which I regularly did and then wondered why their cheapass fucking teabags kept breaking on me. JOKE’S ON ME!!! So guess what, I just had yet another person make a pun on my name, i.e. “Yes, Virginia, there is/are ________” (today’s was “tall men in Seattle” but past contestants have been “sandwiches”, “calamari”, “extra-long length jeans”, etc.) and while I think it’s kind of funny, I think it’s even funnier that other people feel the need to crack that joke.?? Because, come on, you have to realize that people do that to me ALL THE TIME so it’s not like it comes as a TOTAL SURPRISE when people crack that joke, and so sometimes I don’t laugh as heartily or whatever as I guess any given jokester was hoping for, and to that I have this to say: cut me some slack, you’re the third guy today to crack the “yes Virginia” joke and it takes a lot of effort for me to be at all insincere and I just get kind of tired of fake-laughing sometimes so maybe just tell me a blonde joke or something, or a lawyer joke, or a lightbulb joke, or maybe just make non-joke small talk instead, or just don’t say anything – see how many non-yes-Virginia-there-is-a-Santa-Claus type interactions are possible??? Oh fuck, that just made me realize that the Xmas season is a’coming and if I go into any mall with anyone I know I just might get the full on Santa version. Sigh.?? I mean, there are worse thing about my name than that joke I guess…. when I was a kid and boys were first discovering how to be gross and obnoxious, I got a lot of “Hey VAGINA”s on the playground, that was fun… and my very favorite was the one guy in second grade who??called me “State” – SERIOUSLY, the other guys had “Vagina” up their sleeve, and all you could come up with was “State”??? I feel kinda bad for that kid, he was probably picked last for kickball.??Sigh.

??So I’m not in the most blogadelic mood, but we came to this cafe to “study” and I realized pretty early on that I didn’t feel like doing that, at all, so I stopped, and now I’m blogging on my roomie’s laptop, so apologies if the spelling isn’t so hot.?? So anyway back to raving about this cafe, everything is super cheap, and it’s quiet, and they put real flowers on all their tables, and the lighting fixtures are so pretty and they look like they belong in a Tim Burton movie, but in a good way, and by the way did anyone see Corpse Bride because I heard it was good??? Fucking hell, if the “comments” feature of this stupid beta-blog worked, I might actually get an ANSWER to that question…. hm… maybe I’ll go start a LiveJournal page or something, because this makes me really really sad, this lack of comments.?? I’m going to go look at the hits my blog has gotten now to at least see if people are reading it, even if they aren’t commenting, because they can’t because BlogTastic isn’t very BlogTastic at all! Waaaaaaaaaaah.

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