Yeah, it’s weird.  In the past few months I’ve gone to more cool independent-like indie music shows than I have in ages, and yet lately I’m rocking out to corporate-sponsored rock on Pandora.  But seriously, this one channel is so great – it’s for Scion, which is already INCREDIBLY clichéd and cheesy since I frickin’ HAVE a Scion, I know, but it’s actually really enjoyable.  I don’t love all the funk and blues, but the hip-hop and rap they play is incredibly melodic and fun and cool, and it’s great background music while I do somewhat mindless data tasks.  It’s sort of weird because the station doesn’t allow you to customize it, but that sort of makes it better for me background-wise because I don’t switch windows to give it feedback every other song like I usually have to.  Plus you barely need it – it’s seriously so much fun to listen to.  I’m bouncing in my seat here rocking out, and I can’t help but feel like people who walk by my open office door are laughing at me, and I don’t even care because it’s that good.  Check out the link in my sidebar if you want to listen.