Crafty solutions

Ah, I love a great cheap solution. Grant and I live in domestic bliss, for the most part, but we both have annoying habits that the other one doesn’t love.

One of the things that annoys me is that Grant tends to discard his clothing from the day in a pile on the bedroom floor, in a very specific spot. For a while after we first moved in together, I mindlessly picked it up and stuck it in the laundry hamper in the closet. But eventually, I realized that that was kind of annoying to have to do. So the nagging began.

We both tend to be pretty good about nagging — gentle, loving, and as non-annoying as possible. But it doesn’t always get the job done. (And there’s plenty we both nag each other about.) So I started trying to come up with creative non-nagging solutions. I was going to buy a nice-looking laundry hamper and put it in the exact spot where he always sheds his clothes.

No!But that wasn’t cheap, and we don’t really need more *stuff* junking up our lives. Half the reason we’re always nagging each other is to clear up all the damn clutter we seem to inevitably wind up in anyway. So I was delighted when I came up with this easy, temporary, environmentally friendly/friendlier, and cheap solution.

I’m hoping this can serve as a visual reminder to stick stuff where it goes, although the problem usually arises because I’ve gone to bed before him, and he doesn’t want to disturb me by turning on the light or opening the closet door. Alas, perhaps it’ll just be another gentle and humorous nag to add to the bundle. But at least it’s shiny!


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