Dating math

So, in a nutshell, I was recently approached for a date by someone who seemed pretty darn cool but turned out to be 40. I recently and semi-arbitrarily decided that my upper limit for dating is one decade older than I am; i.e. currently, no older than 35 since I’m currently 25. So I told him this, and he told me in turn that his lower limit is usually 30, so we had a laugh about it and agreed it wasn’t quite in the cards/numbers just yet, and then I get an email containing more or less the following:

“…assuming that your highest cap is relative to age, the cutoff of 10 years older than 25 is 40%. this means that when you’re 37.5 years old, the cutoff will be 15 years older…
hah! wanna set up [a] date for 2018? :)”

Rad. That’s all I have to say. I have a FORMULA.

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  1. La Júlia, una amiga meva, diu que el límit són 11. Ok, so far so good, però… i si en tens 25 i qui t’agrada en té 15??? Hey, things are then, different.

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