DDR + Shag Carpet = Failure no longer

So I must say, I’m pretty pleased with my latest innovation that allows Grant to enjoy his DDR like the King of Cosmos intended.

Ever since we moved into our new apartment he hasn’t been able to play, because something about the ’70s shag carpeting in here just doesn’t agree with the grippy bottom of the DDR pad. All grippiness seems to have disappeared, so the pad would slip and slide around while he was jumping, and it just wasn’t workable.

The thing is, the next level of quality in dance pads are the Cobalt Flux ones, that retail for $300 or so. So I started brainstorming ways we might apply some sort of fixit solution to our existing pads, at least until we win the lottery (or until we’re both gainfully employed again).

I couldn’t think of what might work well, but it came to me when I was cleaning out my closet and I came across an extra yoga mat. Perfect! Sticky, grippy, durable, but not so sticky that it has to actually get adhesive on our carpet. So I bought a hot glue gun, trimmed my extra yoga mat to fit the pad, and slapped it on there.

We tried it out the other day, and they seem to work just great!

ETA: Except that we’ve since discovered that the down arrow is broken. On both of our pads. So we were left with zero more dance pads and one fewer yoga mats. Ah well, we managed to borrow a Cobalt Flux pad from a pal to test it out, so maybe we’ll upgrade someday.


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