Death cab…

…for BABY! I swear to God, we were the oldest people at that show by at least a decade. Okay I exaggerate a bit, but holy hell, was that a teenybopper concert! Evidenced by the next day when I was having dinner with my roommate and her 16 year old little sister and her boyfriend, and they were like yeah, a bunch of people from our school went to that…” Anyway, it was mad fun, but also mad YOUNG. We were, like, SOOOOO glad to find SEATS we could sit in. But it was amazingly charged and energetic, and the opening band (The Stars) had good music but HORRIBLE stage antics – it was like they’d all been severely attention-deprived as children so they were making up for it with these dreadful rock-star persona antics that would be enacted at the most inappropriate of times and in the most confusing of ways – but it was hilarious, so no complaints I guess. And Death Cab was awesome, they played all the songs we were hoping for and the show had a really fun good energy to it. Plus we had fun making fun of all the little teenyboppers. A few honorable mentions are deserved:

-To the guy with the Backwards-Flock-of-Seagulls hair: we have no idea how you did that; you defied the laws of physics. Amazing. Ugly, but amazing.
– To the only other old person, aka Nipple Lady – seriously, consider a bra. I was in physical discomfort just LOOKING at you because one glance at your torso made me feel colder than Siberia.
– To the 15-year-old boy who had the EXACT same hair as my best friend does now: creepy. Cut it. She had it first.
– To all the 15-year-old girls with the Abercrombie ultra low rise distressed five-pocket couture denim, I mean jeans, and the perfectly straightened layered hair, and the too-much-eyeliner-and-lipgloss, and yada yada (you know who you are): 1) You all look identical; 2) I NEVER looked that put-together (or trashy, or cookie-cutter) in high school; and 3) Neither did anyone else at my high school, not even the cool put-together popular kids, because it just wasn’t cool when I was a kid – man, the times they are a’changin.

Okay, so aside from analyzing teenybopper fashion, do I really have anything interesting to say today? YES but it will have to wait until after I have done some actual work. Hasta pronto, lectores imaginarios!

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