Do you know the Muffin Man?

So last night I was seized by an insatiable desire for baked goods containing chocolate so I made some vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and, first of all, can I just say that I am awesome, and that old axiom about how you should never let a cook bake is bullshit, because I’m great at finding little tiny ways in which to alter a recipe that forever change them for the better??? Anyway – so cupcakes.?? So they look like muffins.?? And somehow with the combination of having considered but in the end decided not to eat a cupcake for breakfast, coupled with the icky dreary lame rain, and with the listening to a British singer at the bus stop, I was reminded of the time my friend Allison and I were traveling in London together and she wanted to see all the sights – mind you, I’d seen most of them because half of my family lives in England so every time I visit I usually get a day or two in London, but still, it had been a while and I didn’t mind indulging her and we actually went and saw some pretty awesome things I’d never seen there before, like the Rosetta Stone, and also the new library in which one can listen to sound clips of Virginia Woolf talking, and can I just say, I’ve really never liked her and I’m kind of annoyed that we have the same name, but hey, for posterity’s sake and all, that was pretty cool I guess, but she talks funny, and I don’t mean it in this boorish uneducated dumbass-in-National-Library way, I mean seriously, I think she might have had a speech impediment.?? But anyway – so in our Londonian wanderings, Allison and I find ourselves on a lovely nice street lined with glitzy hotels down nearish the river, and lo and behold, what does the street sign say? Drury Lane!?? And I’m like HEY we should ask that guy over there (nice gentleman, bowler hat, Mr. Bean-esque, if you will) if he knows the muffin man!?? And my friend would NOT let me ask such a question, of him or any other random passerby – and I REALLY wanted to, like, you know, how some people REALLY want to kiss atop the Eiffel Tower, or take a gondola ride in Venice??? Well my travel “thing” I wanted to do was ask someone on Drury Lane if they knew the muffin man, and she WOULDN’T LET ME.?? Hmph.?? She actually was so embarrassed that she turned and walked away, leaving me ALONE ON DRURY LANE with NO MUFFINS and NO SENSE OF HUMOUR.?? Sheesh.?? But hey, it’s not like London’s gone forever, I’m sure I could have a second chance… but the moment is kind of gone, ya know?

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