Dueling Blogs

So, through sheer circumstance (no pomp), I am affiliated in some way or another with a number of first-year law students at the University of Washington this academic year. And fine folks they are, at least in the completely non-law-school capacity in which I know them, being myself in no way whatsoever affiliated with the law school (let the record show it). These dear first-year students (commonly known as “1Ls” in UW Law parlance) have apparently been rubbing the odd second-year student (“2L”) the wrong way, so much so that he felt the need to create this blog to vent about their doubtless unending follies and failures. Go click the link before you keep reading. Seriously, click it.

So did you click it? Good. Yep, I kid you not. The guy refers to himself as a “hunk” with no trace of irony or self-deprecation, and doles out ridiculously catty, inappropriate, at times offensive, and just generally lame complaints and trash talk about the entire first-year class, with incredibly shitty editing and a general lack of blog-worthy wit to boot. Keep in mind, kids, that I don’t even know the guy, have never met him, and yet I find myself appalled by his postings based on the sheer idiocy of a) referring to yourself in such a flamingly conceited manner while trash-talking a huge portion of your own institution; b) not realizing the lame-ass comments in your blog are in fact spam (who taught you Internet, dude?); and c) actually, seriously complaining that someone leaked your blog link to the 1Ls.

Leaked. That’s the word he used.

Dude, it’s a BLOG. I repeat, for emphasis: WHO TAUGHT YOU INTERNET???? B-LOG. Etymology? WEBLOG. I.E. LOG of things which you post PUBLICLY on the WORLD WIDE WEB. It’s pretty fucking accessible, dude. People are gonna read it (well, not too many, in your case, but still… the point stands).

I’m not sure I really commend the anti-idiot movement evidenced by this blog, as it seems just as catty and ineffective as its enemy, but all I can really say is, damn. That self-proclaimed “hunk” (and I’ve seen him in person; let the record show that this blogger considers it unwise to appoint oneself with such a lofty public nickname without getting an objective second opinion first) is just committing so many Internet sins, not to mention royally pissing off a huge chunk of his future colleagues, and making himself look like an even bigger ass than he probably is (though perhaps, upon reconsideration, he’s exposing the true proportions of his ass-ness – six of one, yada yada). Look, I’m not saying he’s an evil person, or that I’m blog-niscient or anything. What I’m saying is, some guy I have never even officially met is coming across as such a conceited, insecure, blathering idiot, that I felt the need to post about it in my own blog in more words than I have used for a posting in over two weeks. Now that’s blog-slander, folks. Maybe he will learn from me, if he can figure out how to utilize his trackbacks function.

Best of luck, Hunkie! Rest assured I will never retain your services because I worry you would act like a cocky little shit in front of any judge and wind up being found in contempt of the court – I mean, if present behavior is any indication of future performance and all, I’m better off going with the chick who won at moot court, doncha think?

I’m just sayin…

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