FINALLY back in action.

Yay! My blog is back! My site is back! Let me back up. (So to speak.)

A couple months ago, this website and my cooking blog were compromised by a weird and vicious hack. I couldn’t figure out how to tackle it, as the usual troubleshooting steps didn’t seem to function. I finally traced it to the Publitweet widget I was using to display Twitter updates in my sidebar. (No link since the service is still compromised.)

After uninstalling and backing up and reinstalling and switching hosts and failing and beating my keyboard against my desk and generally feeling sad and miserable and website-less, I finally am back in action. Yay! And it turns out it was an incredibly simple fix all along and I’m a tool and I should maybe read the warning code more thoroughly next time and oops. Many apologies if you visited while I was all hacky-hacked; I didn’t mean to frighten you with malicious code warnings and such.

Finally, I feel complete again! (Shut up.)


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