Happy Happy Blog Fix!

Okay, so for some reason my “img” code in my theme was automatically resizing width to 75 pixels, for no apparent reason, and of course the height was automatically resizing proportionally so… for those of you Imaginary Readers who were just FASCINATED by my Portland shopping antics, now you can truly see my bounty.

And, uh, hopefully you can expect more blog posts from me soon, since I have the most irksome issues (comments and images) fixed now. Thanks to Keith!

You can also look forward to an entirely new and separate blog soon, that’s devoted entirely to a much less diverse (and probably less generally entertaining) subject matter – natural skincare, cosmetics, personal care, household chemicals, food, and basically everything that potentially gives you cancer. Keep your imaginary eyes peeled.

Oh, yeah, here’s a test image…

American Gothic, sort of

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