Hecho en Mexico

So the new rage is Mexican Coca-Cola, which is made with cane sugar instead of America’s Top Preferred Sweetener, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). We came across this stuff when we were shopping at Costco for a big party, and the case we picked up was a real hit. We even had friends asking us to to pick them up some on special order, since they didn’t have a Costco in their area.

Well, we thought this special Costco Coke was our little secret, but we were wrong! Grant and I dined at the Boat Street Kitchen for lunch the other day, and they had “mexi-coke” on their menu. Apparently it’s broken into at least the Belltown haute cuisine scene.

It’s funny — I knew there was a kosher Coke-seeking sub-culture, since apparently regular American Coke isn’t kosher. But I never really knew that there was a sub-culture for Mexican-made food products, aside from Mercado Latino type stuff. There you have it, though — Mexican Coca-Cola is popular and swanky. Who knew?

I know I love the stuff, and I love the big glass bottles it comes in. And the Costco near us has been selling out of it a lot lately, so I’m obviously not the only one. Now, if only they’d come up with a version that’s both HFCS and caffeine-free — how happy I’d be!