Highbrow Spam

So I am convinced that the overall quality of my spam is improving slowly. You probably think this is a jokey post, but I’m serious. About a week ago they stopped trying to get me to buy penis enlargement herbal remedies or patches or whatever, and for the past week they were trying to improve my resume format and circulation, and now they’re trying to sell me vibrators. Classy vibrators, too! I mean, relatively speaking. What can I say; I consider sex toys more legit than unregistered fake internet “pharmacies” trying to sell scary fake concoctions that may or not raise and/or lengthen the penis. In the sex-related spam category, “vibrator” wins over “Viagra”.

As further evidence of the classier-spam trend, just today, I got a blogspam comment that, for the first time, was not either drugs (fen/phen, Cialis, etc.) or bad credit loans or online poker tournaments. No, ladies and gentlemen, look what we’ve moved up to:

New comment on your post #149 “Sick cruel world, pt. 2”
Author : betting horse online (IP: ,
E-mail : betting_horse_online@Middlesbrough.com
Whois :
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on a season-long loan from Penarol and sold striker Jason Euell to http://newbusinessloan.bravehost.com/betting-horse-online.html”
title=”betting horse online” rel=”nofollow”>betting horse online on

Yeah, that’s right – online international horse racing. What can I say; I find that a lot more interesting than generic Cialis. Woo. Let’s see what Google AdSense has to say about all this, should be a party.

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