At the risk of bragging, I’m a great find.

People who work with me are delighted, whether as colleagues, managers, or customers. I’m one of those folks who has a certain ease with conversations and words, a quick path to witty jokes, and the uncanny ability to put my finger on adept analyses of problems you didn’t even know you were trying to solve. (I also speak several languages fluently, have never met software I couldn’t make sense of, can be succinct when the situation calls for it, and am excellent at helping people make sense of relating to other human beings.)

I’m a natural leader and public speaker, an analytical problem-solver, a scarily good read of others’ emotions and motivators, and a snappy writer with an eagle eye for details that matter. I can execute on projects, rally teams, and make ambitious things happen in a way that satisfies every stakeholder. My biggest flaw is that I might enthusiastically try to finish a sentence or two before you’ve finished talking, but I’m self aware enough to keep this instinct in check most of the time.

If you absolutely must see my résumé, it is here. But I’m already quietly judging you for clicking, because we both know that’s hardly the best way to get a feel for someone. And in case you’re curious, I’m an INFJ, which allegedly means I seem like a born extrovert yet secretly crave alone time to decompress. (And I’m an Aries on the cusp of Pisces with Cancer rising, and I was born in the year of the Rooster, and my mother never shuts up about how high my IQ was as a child, and I recognize that none of that matters in the slightest.)

If you want to get a read on me for professional purposes, please reach out and ask me to coffee. (And don’t judge me for drinking decaf; without it I can’t sleep!)

Look at me, blogging away just for you.