Hold with Music

Turns out Apple’s call center has the best hold music I’ve ever heard to date. I suppose the pioneers of modern music media wouldn’t settle for anything less… but I might start calling on during busy times just to rock out.

On that note, I’m reminded of the time when the divorce firm I worked at fought tooth and nail with their phone company to get hold with classical music. They eventually succeeded, on the condition that they supply their own CD.

No one thought to check the disc’s content. Track three: The Wedding March. Yeah, that went over well with clients.


  1. My all-time favourite hold music is from Green Flag (a road-side breakdown fix and recovery service for cars in the UK).

    When you get put on hold you get ‘Rescue Me!’ by Fontella Bass :-)

  2. Nice! That IS truly excellent music. Maybe all doctors and lawyers could adpot this kinda theme, too? Chemical dependency centers playing “Addicted to Love”… maybe I’m taking this too far.

  3. Ooh… they’re just using shuffle. Today on hold I heard three of the same songs as yesterday, but in a different order. Not quite as cutting edge as I thought…

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