Holly Jolly Roberts

Grant and I were on a mini road trip this weekend, during which we briefly tuned in to Christmas music. Listening to all the predictable, same old tunes jingling about the various joys of the season, I had a sudden epiphany: I AM TOTALLY GOING TO WRITE A HIT CHRISTMAS CAROL. For real.

I don’t have a deeply technical musical background, but my dad was a music teacher and performer and he always made sure I had plenty of musical education growing up. I think holiday songs are just kitschy and catchy and silly enough to be my ticket to ride — in fact, we’re going to live off the royalties of my ditty, like About A Boy. So yep, I just officially added this to my bucket list. However, it might not drop until 2011 — I’ve got a lot to plan.


  1. Not yet, no! Instead we went to Brazil and bought a house and I’m writing a book. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still get done by Christmas, tee hee. Thanks for the nudge!

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