I???m all over the place today

A collection of today’s thoughts:

– The receptionist at my work is friends with Franka Potente (Lola in Run Lola Run).?? I’m not normally the starstruck type, but she is THE actor-person I most idolize.?? Little stars dancing in my eyes.

– The only Christmas card I’ve gotten so far is from the director of the bank where I have a 401(k).?? How lame.

– I miss my roommate’s dog SO MUCH.?? Kalua come home!??

– Apparently, according to my roommate Jen, “it takes a sample of 30 to be statistically significant”.?? That’s an awfully large sample.?? I don’t care what you’re measuring.

– I cry at movies that aren’t even sad.?? What’s that about?

– I have found another human soul who thinks “It’s a Wonderful Life” is boring and cheesy.?? My roommate and best friend are teaming up to force me to watch it this year, because I’ve never made it through the whole thing awake.?? I’ll keep y’all posted (you imaginary readers you).

– I have been slacking on my Latin homework.??

– I’m still shuddering about the sizzling mayonnaise.

– I have no sense of self-control or discipline whatsoever.?? It’s amazing I’m not one of those people who needs their stomach stapled, or to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, etc.?? I’ve been eating satsumas all morning and my teeth hurt from the sugar and acid and yet I haven’t stopped and I won’t until I run out of satsumas I bet.

– Our IT guy was wearing a jacket with a purple striped tie and a pink polka-dotted handkerchief sticking out of the pocket.?? You gotta understand, this man speaks only in grunts and wears only Dockers and polo shirts.?? He looks like he should be in a Ralph Lauren – the Disgruntled Edition ad or something.?? Not sure what the jacket is about.

– I work on the set of a soap opera masquerading as a reputable law firm.?? If our clients only knew…

– The hilight of my day is that I get to leave early and go to see a career counselor – about which I am SO excited!

That is all for now.??

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