I???m back, I???m back!

Okay dear imaginary readers, I’m back, sorry for the absence! ??#1 I got KILLER food poisoning [1] on Tuesday and had to leave work early I felt so crappy, and #2 I was at an Excel training seminar all day yesterday.?? #1 was bad but #2 was good – I learned a lot and the instructor was fun and funny.?? Plus, it puts into action my plan of getting as many job-applicable skills under my belt as possible before I quit here… so far I’ve recently collected Website Design, HR/screening and hiring applicants, and Event Planning.?? Boo-ya.?? I’ll be a full-fledged Rule 9 attorney before I make it the f*ck outta here.?? Oh that reminds me, I was supposed to stop swearing and I was supposed to use this blog as a forum to do so – so I really need to work on that.?? What reminded me was the other night I was talking to my friend and I was actually explaining what a DILF was, haha, and the first time I explained it I said?? some fake-swear euphemism like “well – y’know” instead of the f-word but then the second time I actually just full-on swore, and she was like, why did you edit it the first time but not the second? And I sort of didn’t know, and then I realized I probably shouldn’t swear in front of her little baby, because, man, kids pick up that sh… I mean stuff… so yeah I need to work on that.?? Okay but not right now.?? Right now, labor vocat [2], I’ll be back soon!

PS ya know, an acquaintance recently told me he can recognize any of my posts on Craigslist because I have that distinctive of a writing style.?? And I always had been annoyed by posters who identify themselves with a pseudonym or catch phrase ??? part of what I love about it is the guessing game, the anonymity.?? I mean, that???s the good and the bad, right??? But anywho??? thought it was an interesting observation, because I’m not TRYING to be recognizable.?? Much like in Malcom Gladwell’s “Blink” in which coders during WWII were so distinctive in how they Morse-coded their messages that women listening could recognize any given transmitter just by his coding handle, i.e. the rhythm/cadence with which he typed Morse code.?? Is Morse capitalized??? And yes, I’m obsessed with Malcolm Gladwell as of late.?? With good reason!

PPS apparently Tuesday was the Ides of November, an ill-fated day for all.?? Hope you survived it!

[1] It was actually the THIRD time I???ve gotten bad news esque food poisoning from the same place (Fiesta Fiesta in the BOA food court for the curious) so I called the DOH and filed a complaint.?? Take that! Also, I whined about it on Craigslist, here:?? http://seattle.craigslist.org/rnr/111427115.html

[2] Latin for ???work calls???.?? Yes I am a dork.

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