i Fabra

I’m so very, very excited to start my new job on Monday. (For those of you imaginary readers who weren’t aware – today is my last day at Devir; Monday I start as a contractor at Microsoft.) Not only am I thrilled to be doing something I’m fascinated by, but I’m also excited for some of the more trivial-seeming aspects of the new gig – there’s an awesome cafeteria in the same building where I work, where you can set up with your laptop or book and eat delicious healthy food while zoning out and escaping from work for a bit; the campus has excellent bus service, so I’ll be able to catch up on reading and mp3-ing and possibly DS-ing if Grant loans it to me enough; speaking of, his work is 5 min. away so we’ll be able to commute together some of the time, plus I can join his crew every once in a while; not to mention that we’ll be able to sync up our schedules a bit more. Small perks, sure, but they add up!!!

Plus did I mention I’ll be working on CATALAN LINGUISTICS? Yeah. Life is good right now. :) I’ll miss Devir a lot though; I’ll miss incredibly relaxed office, and all my awesome contacts from around the globe. Cuidense mucho everyone.

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