I smell like mangoes (and apparently good karma)

So I blew all $250 last night on cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and ingredients for my own concoctions (well actually, I also bought two organic lemons because they were on sale for so cheap, and $1.88 worth of pesto tortellini because the checker didn’t know how to just cash out the remainder on my gift card). A successful night, all in all. My favorite is that my hair smells like a mango smoothie today thanks to my sexy new conditioner. I love you 103.7 The Mountain! You hear me? I LOVE YOU!

And you know, thinking back to the day before yesterday, I had gotten a medium hot chocolate at Specialty’s in the morning, and the guy behind me ordered the same thing, and then he wound up taking my drink … and he realized and felt bad, but I told him not to worry and let him keep it (with the reasoning that I really didn’t want to go back to work earlier anyway, haha) and he was most appreciative, and was like, thanks, you must have good karma… and then they had made an extra vanilla latte that no one claimed, so I offered to take it and pawn it off on someone, and I gave it to this random guy who rode the elevator up with me, and this other guy was like, “that’ll bring you good karma”. And then I won a $250 gift certificate the next day.

So what’s my point, you ask?

I’m totally buying a lottery ticket today, that’s what. C’mon, you never know, and that was two karma-plus comments, so maybe there’s another award in store…

And if not, meh, I’m only out a dollar.


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