I’ve Been Plugged!

Better than being Flickr’d, for sure. But Matthew Baldwin of defective yeti, one of the funniest damn blogs out there (and a local one to boot!), is doing a random “Plugapalooza” thing where he tells readers to pick a number between one and 100 and well, I’m not that clear as to the math and mechanics, but I picked 37 and apparently won. So he plugged me! Which is really great and all, but as soon as the elation of being plugged by a blog that is both well-read and funny as hell subsided, panic set in.

Why panic, you ask? Because I have not been funny myself in a long, long time. Really, it’s a function of being both happy and busy. In my old job where I was incredibly disgruntled, plus single and going on lots of random and mostly incredibly bad Craigslist dates, well, I had LOTS more funny stories about insane coworkers and terrible dates and whatnot, and lots of time to do it because I hated my job and was perfectly fine with blogging on the company dime as a passive-aggressive way to get back at my boss, and channel some of my rage using humor.

But between getting this current and very quirky Latin American Magic and D&D tournament-organizing job, which I don’t always adore but am kept very busy doing all the same, and starting to date Grant, whom I adore very much and am kept happily busy by, I find I have a lot fewer funny anecdotes to tell, and much less time in which to tell them. So for any poor shmucks who come across my blog expecting amazing tales of hilarity and getting… well, this, please allow me to offer up some random perusings of my Internet Presence from my Funny Days of Yore:

Fashion Rules: Some people seemed to particularly enjoy my lengthy and opinionated list of fashion do’s and don’ts. They are divided into sections one and two.

Best-Of Craigslist: #1, #2, #3, and the crowning #4 (by which I met my dear current boyfriend).

Seattle Pulse: This was a metroblog-type site for which I did some writing before it went kaput a while ago, but I did some fun stuff there including an advice column called Off Culler, as well as an article or two.

Local Papers: My goofy loud mouth has been featured in the Stranger, the P-I, and the P-I again, respectively.

Enjoy, or post lots of spam comments if you don’t. That’ll show me!

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