Ladies and gentlemen, we have four (4) winners!

Yep, today’s spam email subject lines in my “Bulk” folder are by far the best, particularly because they came in succession. The names are just likely names of real people (well, I don’t know how likely, but they weren’t Cialisss4uxxxx or some variation thereupon) but the sujbects, aah the subjects. At least spam is getting more entertaining in its increased invasiveness.

The winners are:

“single-minded national monument”;

“gyrate prevail”;

“make-believe ours”; and

“elitist clog”.

Being somewhat of the Dansko persuasion myself, the bottom one is definitely my favorite, with “gyrate prevail” as a close second, because WTF!? Prevail, indeed. Ah well, it beats spam blog comments about child rape, that’s for sure.

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