More linguistic diversity

Some more Catalan words for which we have no exact equivalent (and keep in mind this is just a SMALL sampling):

camaleònic – chameleon-like

ignívom – that vomits fire (I assume this is akin to fire-breathing? But no, they don’t have to compound to express that concept, there’s a WHOLE WORD for it!)

galamó – double chin

Not to mention that in Spanish, there are words for the sore muscles you get from working out (agujetas), for the dark circles you get under your eyes after not sleeping (ojeras)…

I know English is a rich language and all, but, I’m just sayin’ – I respect a language that needs no word-breaking characters to express such thoughts. See? Even “word-breaking”. I bet at least one clan of the Romance language folks have a single word for that concept too, but I can’t look it up, because it’s not a single word in English. Sigh. These are the obstacles I face this Monday. Could be worse, I agree.

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