My baby’s coming!

I did it.  I took the biggest step, financially, that I have ever taken, save perhaps deciding to go to an expensive as fuck private university that everyone in Washington routinely confuses with Bryman College.  Yes, I BOUGHT A MOTHERF*CKING CAR.  I’ve talked about it, dreamt about it, even blogged about it, but I’m finally making it a reality.  I’m buying a Scion xA.  I am SO EXCITED not to have sports injuries exacerbated from my stiff clutch, or to have to store bandannas in my car to hold my hair back since there’s no A/C, or to have to parallel park without the aid of a passenger side mirror.  Not to mention being able to play normal music, being able to hear casual conversation over the roar of my non-muffling muffler or the whine of the strained engine or the various rattles and clacks that occur at all velocities above approximately 23 mph.  Yes, I am GETTING A NEW CAR.  Woo!

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