My new nom de plume

Due to recent news, my name will be changing a year or so from now.  And even though I’m very excited for the reason behind the name change, as well as the hope that I will no longer have to spell out my last name over the phone, I worry that no one will know who Virginia Roberts is.

I mean, it sounds to me like the name of one of those bestseller mystery novels you used to be able to buy at the checkout stand of the grocery store. “Virginia Roberts” — sort of a more polished-sounding female version of “John Smith”.  Maybe I’ll become a secret agent!

Either way, when I eventually get around to writing that book, at least people will know how to pronounce it when they ask for it at Barnes and Noble.

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  1. Congratulations. What’s Grant going to change his name to? I vote for “Hussein.”

  2. congratulations, most excellent ms. ginnie!! will you be registering at wawa? :-)

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