My soul-mates (of sorts)

So I just had an epiphany: our firm got a new partner a little while ago, and he and I were just shooting the breeze because I had booked up a reservation under my boss’ Columbia Tower Club reservation and I was giving him the details. And he whips out this pen to jot down their number, and I notice (being the pen-obsessed freak that I am) that it’s a really nice fountain pen, which are the nicest variety of pen – so I comment on it, he starts busting out pens from pockets I didn’t even know men’s jackets had, and he shows me one that was over $500 and another that’s a retractable fountain pen (!) and then… he tells me his wife dresses him (and she does a lovely job; immaculately selected suit, shirt, tie, shoes, socks that all match perfectly)… but then he takes over because his pens have to match his outfit. His mega-$pensive pen didn’t match and that’s why it was hidden away in a secret pocket.

So then of course the receptionist and I (the one who knows Franka Potente, yes) go on to concur that our lady-clothes have to match our external clothes or we absolutely can’t stand it. And then the legal messenger comes up and we’re all about two seconds short of comparing bra straps and inkpots and it was just a ridiculously funny entertaining sitcom-y moment.

I love discovering that others have quirks as rampant as my own, I guess, is what I’m saying. Also, I love fountain pens.

OMG a FOUNTAIN PEN with TAPE FLAGS IN IT!!! That’s what I want for my birthday!

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