O Lords of Blogland, why do ye seek to punish me so?

Okay, so… it’s been nearly a month now, and the following things are still FAR from blogtastic:

??1)?? The comments function only works for ME and BLOGTASTIC ADMINISTRATOR(S).?? How helpful is that??? A: not very.

2) The “referers” page stop working after Day 2 – so I have no idea if I have any more hits than I used to, or who is linking to me from where, or ANYTHING COOL that might possibly make up for the lack of a functional comments feature.

3) I’m pretty sure there’s no way to contact me using a “contact” link or some sort of Blogtastic User Directory, as no such directory seems to exist, like it would in, say, LiveJournal.?? FOR EXAMPLE.

4) The feature on the BlogTastic main page that used to show which blogs were the most frequently updated is gone about 50% of the time and there about 50% of the time.?? What’s that about??? I mean, I shouldn’t bitch, at least it works some of the time, and at least I’m on it, heh heh.

??So, what am I hoping to accomplish with this whine??? Well, the last time I whined, that’s how the Blogtastic Fixit Folks got wind of the buggy comments feature and pseudo-fixed it.?? And I emailed the dude telling him it’s still broken-but-slightly-less-so, and he hasn’t emailed back, but I’m thinking if I veil my cry in Blog-ese then the Blog Lords might fix it.?? Here’s hoping.

Also, there is a 5):?? I’ve realized, in my online perusings, that while I thought all bloggers out there were nerdy boring D&D addicts, I have discovered a truth:?? many out there are far wittier and funnier than me, not to mention better with computers.?? And some have THEIR VERY OWN BUG-FREE BLOGS that they KNEW HOW TO CONSTRUCT THEMSELVES.?? Like with their own domain names.?? Siiiiigh….. to be e-humbled is humbling indeed.?? I bow to you, Funny Bloggers.?? I hope I can emulate rather than envy you.



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