Of pancakes, Freud, and Reality TV

Ha, ha, ha. So this is an addendum to my prior post “One Last Puff” (see below) – because, see, Christian blogged about me first [1], so I guess it’s my duty to blog back. And for the record, I didn’t blog about it originally because I still usually feel guilty about writing about people in my lives because they didn’t ASK to be immortalized in blog form now did they, but I realize that that’s probably a silly thing since this is a felllow blogger, but hey, you know what they say about old dogs and habits and new tricks dying hard and all that. So anywho, many a mini-story to tell from last night ??? where to start? I???ll go chronologically I suppose.

I get to the bar, I???m early, I go to the bar to order a drink ??? but because I???m kind of feeling like I might be coming down with something, I order a ???hot toddy??? because I???ve been told that that???s the thing to kick the cold right outta ya. So I get it, and it???s served in a very full and very hot to the touch wine glass. Then, a dude in a dark coat with dark hair comes in and sits at the other far end of the bar. The bartender goes to chat to him and I catch the name ???Christian??? exchanged. So I???m like, okay, that must be the guy I???m looking for (note to self: for all Internet-spawned meetups, try not to forget to tell the person you???re meeting what you look like, so that you don???t have to be the only one craning around checking out every single face that enters the bar trying to figure out if it???s the right one). I double-check with the bartender, and he???s like, yep that???s Christian ??? you here with him? And I???m like so it would seem (oh so prophetic), so, I go over and I say hi, and I???m like you???re Christian, right? Nice to meet you in person. And he???s like, uh, yes. And acts like we were supposed to be meeting. I introduce myself, say my name, and he nods appreciatively, as if to confirm that yes, Virginia, this is the Christian you???re supposed to be looking for. I sort of explain that I???d move over to him, but for the piping hot and hard to move drink I???ve ordered, so does he want to come join me at my corner of the bar instead? This is where the guy gets confused. And then somewhere the word ???blog??? is mentioned. More confusion. Finally I???m like, dude, you were EXPECTING me, right? And he???s like??? well??? uh???. I don’t know, was I? And I???m like, holy shit. You are the wrong Christian. So we both kind of put two and two together and simultaneously crack up, and I guess he was meeting a group and thought I was a part of it, and yada yada??? and he???s like, I???ll tell you what, if your Christian doesn???t show up, come join me, okay? And I???m like, deal. Ah, the hilarity.

But, my Christian did indeed show up a bit later ??? and Christian #1 comes over and we all have a good laugh about it, Christian #2 jokes that he set the whole thing up to test my intelligence before having to meet me in person, and Christians 1 and 2 and I all decide we should pitch a reality show based on this premise just to f*ck with peoples??? heads. [2] So anyway, throughout the course of the evening, Christian #2 and I had some good chats, though he seemed perplexed till the bitter end that I was unable to clearly articulate why I???d wound up causing this in-person meeting in the first place. I still don???t have a good real reason ??? I just sort of do these things ??? it???s how the Trader Joe???s thing grew from a rant on Craigslist to an event covered by the Stranger and the P-I ??? but since he???s clearly one of those folks who also just sort of winds up in such situations, such as with the 2045 Seattle thing, so I figured we were birds of some sort of mysterious feather ??? and I pushed Malcolm Gladwell on him and he countered by pushing Freakonomics, and I respectfully said I???d been meaning to read it (a truth) and told him he had to read Gladwell all the way before he could start bashing him (a truth again) but that you had to take Gladwell with a grain of salt (yet another truth) and I managed to finish my piping hot glass of awfulness and some delicious cr??pes and life was good.

Oh, and apparently when I have to pee, I do things like fidget with my keys for a half an hour before I actually have any intention of leaving the bar. I think it was just an ???I really have to GO SOMEWHERE??? thing but my brain hadn???t identified that that somewhere was in fact the ladies??? room so I just sort of probably came off as incredibly rude and anxious to get the hell away from my pancake companion which in fact was not the case as I later explained but anywho anyone who works with me knows how bitchy I can get when I have to pee but don???t so hopefully that???ll vouch for my non-bitchy intentions but after the fact when I looked down at my hands and realized I had keys in them and had had them for quite some time and then promptly connected it with the need to relieve myself of the hot toddy that had made it through my system, I pretty much cracked up. Apparently keys=bladder somewhere in my Freudian subconscious.

So that???s the pancake story.

OH and on a completely unrelated note, does anyone know how one could get a brand-new car that???s sponsored by a company and thus painted with said company???s logo but get permission to drive the ad-mobile without having to work for said company, at least in a full-time capacity? ???Cause I remember reading about people who did that in some magazine when I was a kid, and I wish I had clipped the article because it told you exactly where to go for the resources to do that sort of thing, but this was before my clipping days (and probably also my driving days) but man oh man if I could go back in time I???d clip that article. Any ideas? Thanks in advance from me and the Geo Spectrum!

[1] Click here for Christian #2???s blog about our little rendez-vous.

[2] Man, I am doing AWESOME on the no-swearing. I know.

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