Off Culler gets the axe

Yep, you heard it here first – dear David, creator/designer/master of Seattle Pulse, is throwin’ in the towel, and to be honest, I’m a bit relieved – it’s been months since I had a bona fide submission so I’ve been just making shit up (not telling what’s real and what’s fake, haha) and I’d already downgraded to every other week. Plus, with this whole NEW JOB thing, I won’t have endless stretches of boredom between the frantic stress during which to blog or otherwise screw around online, so I think it’s for the best. But if anyone wants to send me dilemmas, I’ll still spin some advice for ya, it’ll just be unpublished.

So! The entire left half of my body hurts. Sometime on Wednesday, as close as I can pinpoint it, I somehow hurt everything from left hip to ankle. Then Saturday night, I hurt the left side of my neck sleeping on it funny, and the weird leg pains never really went away. I truly know what it feels like to grow old.

And yet, drastically counteracting said feeling of old age, I had my very first ever tequila shot on Friday night. And can I just tell you – if I’d known how easy it was to do a tequila shot (as compared to any other shot, I mean), my liver would have suffered significantly more damage than it already has. I mean, I think in terms of relative liver damage mine has been pretty mild, but still… I bet it would’ve at least doubled if I had known of the Tequila Shot in college. Or Spain. Or Mexico.

Don’t ask how I made it through any kind of extended stay in any of those places without having tried one before. I have no clue either. Life is full of mysteries, ain’t it?

Here’s another mystery: how do you say the following things in Spanish? Dungeons and Dragons, Orc, Goblin, Warlock, Nymph, Elf, Dwarf, Steed, Sage, Mace, Shield, Warcraft (as in World Of). Feel free to give me a hand transitioning into my new line of work (and sayonara, “Alternate Dispute Resolution” and “Post-Secondary Educational Support” – you have been replaced by much more entertaining work-related jargon!)


  1. ¿Qué?

    (If you’re asking where the new job is located, meh, it’s in the glorious Cloverdale Industrial Complex of Southpark, WA… sans Cartman, sadly.  But hey, driving to work = major toll on my piece of scrap metal on wheels = possibly eventually getting a newer car = one with a stereo that plays burned CDs = much more happy music-listening times.  So there is a plus side to pollutin’ and commutin’.)

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