Okay, so I’m not really a videogame fan like dear Grant is, but this is just too good not to blog about. A friend of ours who’s at Valve worked on a very cool game called Portal, which was released last week. Now obviously, not being a hardcore gamer, I’m not of the same caliber as Penny Arcade or even less official gamer blogs, but I still enjoyed it so much that I felt like I had to provide you Imaginary Readers with my input, particularly after I heard the theme song that airs during the final credits after you beat the game.

They just do so many great little touches throughout this puzzle game — I don’t want to spoil it by being too explicit in the details, but it was a lot of fun for me, even as a spectator/backseat gamer. The game includes delightfully funny VO and really interesting gameplay/puzzles that sort of made my head hurt, but in a good way, like trying to do integrals after not even balancing your check manually in seven years. And it’s damn fun to look at, which is even more exciting since our friend apparently was responsible for a bunch of the cool portal effects. Woo!

And the name of the creepy company in which you play the awesome funny entertaining game is Aperture. COME on! This is quality stuff. I’m pretty sure if I actually tried to play, I’d be crying out begging for Tetris within ten minutes — but hey, as spectator gaming goes, this one gets a ten for me. Way to go, Valve.

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