Praise these manageable temperatures

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m really glad the weather cooled off a bit.  I spend most of the year bitching and moaning about how cold and lame and waaaah it is and how much happier I am when the sun is shining brightly… until it starts to scorch through my very soul.  Some combo of living in a brick house that heats up like a kiln, plus being on the top floor with no real crosswind…. ugh.  My room was in the 80s at nighttime with a fan blowing like crazy.  So these 70s instead of 90s are welcome.  And I would ask you all, imaginary readers, to call my attention back to this post come wintertime when I will surely be a whiny bitch about how darn cold it is outside, heh heh.  Ah, blogging is the greatest antidote to hypocrisy, I guess.

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