Pre-birthday blues

So I have been relatively euphoric lately. And that has not changed. However, despite all the major awesome points of today/tonight (got a lovely haircut, got to see a good friend for the first time in ages, etc.) there are a few things that have kind of sucked about tonight.

1) Realizing I lost my wallet, with credit cards, debit cards, ID, etc. Luckily I keep a credit card at home, and I can use my passport for ID for time being, but still… wallet, I miss you! You were red Coach leather, a gift from a particularly special student, and I kind of want you back. And I want my LIBRARY CARD back! Pretty please, turn up at one of the several locations I plan on calling and harrassing tomorrow! I shouldn’t have to do that on my birthday >:( And cops, PLEASE do not freak out on me for driving without a proof of insurance. I’ve already placed the call; it’s coming, I promise. You let me get away with driving with no tabs for like three months. Please don’t bust me for this. I even walked all the way to my bus stop and back in my pajamas with a flashlight to look for it. No cigar.

2) Getting basically shooed out of Atlas, after our waiter told us we could stay as long as we wanted. Hmph. Then why’d you turn off the lights? Hmph. I totally get that you want to go home, but don’t tell us that a) you’ll still be serving food for “two more hours” when you mean “45 minutes and you don’t get to see the dessert menu” and don’t turn off the lights on us; just say something polite and we’ll totally leave.

3) Getting carded at the Ram by a girl who was clearly several years younger than me, on the eve of my 25th birthday. Seriously, she asked me to leave. Yes, I was asked to leave TWO establishments at U-Village in the space of ten minutes. And combined with the fact that I can never go back to the U-Village Blue C after asking out a guy who works there (he’s engaged, FYI), well, that’s quite a shit list. Especially considering that it’s the only “cool” thing within walking distance, besides Zoka, but they don’t serve alcohol.

I wish they did.

4) Couldn’t even open the e-card I got to cheer myself up – apparently Hallmark is having problems temporarily. Well I suppose I should wait until my *actual* birthday and all tomorrow, heh heh. Fair enough.

That is all. Tomorrow is my birthday and it will be much better, I am quite convinced, and there will be no ranting at that time. For now, good night!

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  1. Ah, Ginnie

    what a sucky week–BUT I’m so glad your wallet turned up. I HATE losing my wallet, cancelling cards, etc. bleh. Sorry about you getting all kicked out of places too. Hope today is marvelous. The sun and the mountains came out for you today. HAPPY 25th!!! (and the boy says “aarrhhh!!!” (in a very happy tone of voice) in your honor)


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