save me from the hover-couch

So this weekend, my roommate and her boyfriend decided to do a massive cleaning of the house. And it looks great – sparkling Murphy-oiled hardwood floors, spic n’ span kitchen, etc. And in the course of cleaning they also rearranged some things – moved this picture frame here, this vase there, yada yada, no big deal. But there is this *one* decorating change they made that really freaks me and my other roommate out. We used to have this light-up green and red Christmas tree thing that sort of suction cups onto your window and is a fake-ass outline of a tree for the festive but lazy (i.e. perfect for our household). And we’d had it up in our window but unplugged ever since Christmas, because we’d just been too lazy/busy/apathetic to take it down. So upon The Big Clean, apparently roommate and boyfriend found a new home for our festive tree. Under the couch, but *plugged in*, so it looks like the couch is floating – hovering, if you will – on this glowing greenish base. I can’t tell if it reminds me more of a teenage boy’s tricked out Acura, or a flying saucer, or a failed science experiment, or what, but I’ll tell ya this: 1) I am totally freaked out by our Hover-Couch, and 2) so is our dog. That should say something.

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