Scaredy Cat

So poor Trumpet has had to go through a few changes lately. Not only did Grant go back to work full-time, leaving our clingy dog-like kitty confused at the sudden lack of Daddy time, but we also outfitted our place with some new cat-cessories. And he’s having some trouble adjusting.

We FINALLY got a sliding glass pet door. (It’s been so friggin cold leaving the balcony open a crack for him to get to his food and litter, that we took the plunge and spent the $150.) As soon as it came, I installed it right away, and was totally relieved that the temperature AND the traffic noise were much improved.

Duct Tape-TasticTrumpet, however, was not a fan. He’s TERRIFIED of the damn thing. First I had to tape the piece of metal that magnetically pulls up to create a seal with the door, because the rattling noise it made scared him.

And then, we actually had to duct tape the actual flap up to even get him to go through it — somehow, the act of having to push it open with his head is simply unacceptable. To be honest, we should’ve known — he never could handle those litter boxes with a lid over the top and a hole for kitty entry. He’s not the smartest cat, OK? But he’s very cute. And easily confused.

Two weeks after purchase, he’s still a little reluctant to use the kitty door. He sort of stops short in front of it, does a little kitty-grimace (I swear he does), and begrudgingly ducks through the opening and pops out as fast as he can to get some distance from it. We were thinking we’d leave the flap taped open for a while and eventually lower it, but something tells me this is our new permanent solution. Classy, huh?

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