Sick cruel world, pt. 2

So, it’s still a sick cruel world, in some ways – but in its less cruel side, both of the two people who were waiting for some piece of good news got it. And good things always come in threes, right? C’MON!!!!! Plus, congrats on all the good happenings. I think I might take a vacation next week, just for kicks (and, um, taxes).
In the meantime, here is a link to some ridiculously enjoyable jokes for you. And as the author notes, in the “comments” section there are vastly more jokes – some good, some not so good; all an entertaining waste of time if that’s your thing :)

And aaah, I’m back to my college version of procrastination and/or anticipation, which involves being intensely productive at some useful thing which is not in fact the thing that truly needs accomplishing. In this spirit, I have been insanely productive so far today at work, especially considering that I had virtually no actual work to do. I filed ALL the crazy documents my boss has been making me hang on to for the last two plus years (okay, I recycled a bunch too, but still…) and have cleaned up so many old computer files and the like…. Aah, a clean empty inbox and a clean organized filing cabinet. Too bad the janitor still hasn’t caught on to the joys of order and neatness. Ah well, c’est la vie… and I’m buying masking tape on my lunch break today. My OCD version of a happy medium and/or truce.

The extra-weird thing, though, is that I’ve yet to actually meet this stealth janitor. And I’ve stayed late more than a few evenings now – and Leonard always made it by my cube by, say, six in the evening. Stealth Janitor had not shown up by 6:30 one night. I have to wonder… are we in fact being haunted by a Ghost Janitor? Some sort of Janitorial Poltergeist? It would explain both the lack of vaccuuming performed, and the objects moved around erratically and unpredictably. I wonder what one does to exorcise such a spirit. I can feel a Google search coming on…

Yep, that’s productivity for you. M-town, please call me already so I can get on with doing actual productive things like job-searching with my heart in it, should you choose to reject me; or figuring out how to best give notice, should you choose to accept me. Pretty please, just don’t keep me in the dark any longer. John Curley said for you to call me. I swear he did.

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