Soccer blues (and whites)

Back before I had this job, I sometimes got together with pals and watched replays of big World Cup games at the George and Dragon.  It was hard to get through the day without the score being spoilered somehow, by an elevator screen or website or oblivious coworker (or once in the subject line of an email).  But hey, it was a fun kinda challenge.  But then, my very first day on the job here, someone nearly spoilered the US-Czech game for me and I had to literally plug my ears and ask my coworkers to not tell me.  Already, the height of my popularity was beginning.

So now, I’m in the habit of sometimes watching games live with coworkers, if a team we’re particularly invested in is playing (so Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, or Brazil).  But I had specifically tried to make plans to watch a replay of today’s Germany-Argentina game.  So I asked a coworker yesterday if she thought it would be crazy for me to email everyone and ask them to try not to spoiler the game.  She said “Yes.”

Boy, was she right.  Not only do we have the game streaming in German live video feed plus two different Paraguayan commentators announcing over Internet radio, but I walked in to find a coworker hanging a giant Argentina flag up by her desk.  Aaaah.  There’s no way I can miss the score, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything – I love my soccer office!  (Go Argentina, apparently – I’m afraid to cheer for Germany, anyway).

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