Sound Transit beats

I feel like I’m in a Volkswagen commercial. I’m sandwiched between two other bus commuters who were previously both yammering loudly.

But they finally shut up and both started listening to music. And for the past two-ish tracks, we’ve all been subtly tapping our feet/fingers/neighbors in PERFECT TIME with each other.

Aww, Loud White Tapper just got off. Way to ruin the groove, buddy.

In other news, this post was brought to you by the new-ish WordPress iPhone app. Testing, one, two…


  1. The weird thing about that commercial (well, aside from the entire commercial) is that NINA MYERS IS IN THE PASSENGER’S SEAT! She’s going to blow up the car unless Jack Bauer kisses her passionately.

    Problem is, you’ve never seen “24” so you won’t get that joke. So this is mostly for my own amusement. Like most things.

  2. Dude, I totally thought that was her, but then I was all “nah, having seen a handful of 24 episodes is just making me remember things differently retroactively.”

    WATCH OUT EXPLODING JETTA BOMB! At least it would time perfectly with the end of the song, right?

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