Success with the pet door!

This pet door shall no longer haunt me!Trumpet finally figured out how to go through the pet door, even with the flap down. This is a great success compared to his initial reaction to this contraption.

That said, I decided (upon Grant’s urging) to create a Flickr account for pics of Trumpet, so I don’t inadvertently become one of those people who blogs exclusively about their cats.

(You know who you are, ninja-cat-bloggers. Your blog has a title about cooking or local politics or something, but on the inside it’s all Fluffy. I’m on to you.)

I’m still figuring out some of the geek stuff, but the sidebar now has a Flickr feed of recent Trumpet pics. You can click on them to view the entire Trumpet set if you wish. And I’ll try to confine my excessive kitty-picturing to that medium from now on. :)

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