Sucker for a pun

Most folks who know me know I am a complete sucker for a good pun.  That bakery “Grateful Bread”, that massage store “All You Knead” – these folks are my idols.  Puns are great.  They’re why “Off Culler” is “Off Culler” and not “Dear Virginia” or something.  But you know what?  There is a line, my friends.  And while it may be fine, it’s painfully clear once crossed.  Case in point:

J and I checked out a bunch of triathlon-y books to review, and one of them is called Beginning Running.  It is by the executive editor of Runner’s World magazine.  Whose name is Amby Burfoot.

Now, blogpoll: is that a poor taste pun, or is the editor of Runner’s World and the writer of Beginning Running actually named Amby Burfoot?  Just checking.  Because if that’s a pun, it’s a joke gone TOO far, my friends.

Amby Burfoot.

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