Humans love wheatgrass too!

A bunch of my coworkers have been sick lately, and I started to feel like I was coming down with something last Thursday and Friday. I was very determined not to let myself fall ill yet again this year, as I had had quite enough illness with that bout of mono that caused me to… Continue reading Humans love wheatgrass too!

Not the smartest cat in the bag

Last year, we got a sliding glass pet door for our balcony, so we could keep the cold out more efficiently. And not surprisingly, Trumpet hated it. But eventually, after many months of duct-taping the flap open, he finally learned. However, winter was a while ago. And we took to leaving the balcony door open… Continue reading Not the smartest cat in the bag


Does anyone else intentionally unload their Costco groceries into a roadblock so their pets can’t escape during the process? Just wondering. I’m pretty sure most people’s cats are more nimble or determined than Trumpet. That thing is, like, a foot high AT MOST, but he would NOT cross it.